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Once upon a time…

We decided to get our group together and go exploring some old tunnels below the mideval hounted castle on a secluded place only a few have entered so far. A place called Sensatia. It is supposed to be hounted and can only be seen by the ones in need…

Our journey began on a hot summer morning and we were all just dripping down our sex juice. So exited before we even began…

Trough the thick forest there was a path we were ready to take just to get to the promise land. But it was not easy. Just to get a glimpse of the castle we had to fulfill our first challenge. And so it began the games with no limits for the prize so alluring we could not resist.


Little forrest elf appeared out of nowhere and gave us a hint: »Only the ones that can take the most heat will enter the tunnel.« She gave us some straps, mushrooms, four lamps and dissapeared into the mist of the morning sun. Only four lamps? There was six of us.

What did she mean »the most heat« we were allready down for anything and it was hot as hell as it is.

But then we decided to try something we never had before… Have an epic orgy.

We used the straps as a blindfold, chewed threw the mushrooms and soon we stared to bleed sex out of us. Everything was dizzy and feverish so we strarted to tear our clothes off and touching everything around just to enlarge out sex thirst. It was a rush not knowing who you are getting off with, with pure pleasure. There were screams of ecstasy, heads were spinning, expectations were high.

One by one we started taking off our blindfolds to enjoy the full view. Ooooo there was heat and it was only getting hotter. As I was laying on my back getting my pussy licked an drilled I grabbed the first cock that was the nearest and started to pull it into my mouth. The guy moauned and got hard as a rock. Slowly I stared to rub him with a sturdy grip licking him from the bottom to the top. It was an explosion of feelings, filled in every hole, giving pleasure, watching people getting plesured… it was a fucking rollercoaster of rush.

And then it hit me…the most heat. Yeahhh the pleasure was enormous and hard to resist but to enter the promise land of Sensatia I had to step up my game.

The one that was doing me had to stop or I would come hard and at this time this was not an option. I grabbed his head and pulled him up behind me. My legs were spread wide and my pussy was so wet I just could not wait anymore, I had to feel him deep inside me. As he entered me the world started spinning it was so good and primal it hurt. His fingers were rubbing my clit and his other hand took my hair and pulled it back so hard I felt his every move. It was a wild ride.. he came a like a vulcano…his jizz was everywhere like he was trying to bathe me with it.

Now off to the next one. I had to even the score so there would be two couples left. The bitch nex to me was in soo much heat I just could not resit but to help her get to the finish line.

My mind was blown when I started to eat her tight wet pussy. Fingers deep in, rubbing and pulling, moaning I just went completely wild. All the others stopped and joined us. There were hungry arms and tongues all over me. Now I was the bitch in heath. Time to make her come ….hard.

I grabbed the first cock I felt under my arms and quickly rushed him inside her like it was mine. He started to move in and out, deeper, harder, quicker… it was time to stop this madness so I helpt him a bit more to get her off. I sat on her face so she could put her tounge inside my pussy and get me started some more. As the men was on the edge of eruption I started to lick her so hard she could not resist anymore and came like a hurricane… Her pussy was dripping with juice so sweet as nectar. The final dripp of her pussy jizz revealed a path that only the most resistant four of us could enter.

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