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Molly Jane

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Here’s a cutie pie you could bury your nozzle in for hours and hours: Molly Jane. She’s a sexy teen whose vagina must taste like peach candy with a sweet and salty aftertaste, and her butthole is as dreamy as a jeweled gumdrop. She’s a darling little minx with the most irresistible naughty smile that makes you want to bite down on your fist and milk your long-john on the spot. With a tiny pair of perky tits, she sends tons of men running to private stalls for some immediate blue-ball avoidance. For such a sweet little babe, Molly really knows how to give some grade-A suck jobs. When she rolls down those trousers, you can’t help but blush when her eyes pop wide at the sight of some big porno dick. She takes her time measuring it, feeling the pulse and throb of the shaft and exploring the veins with her delicate pinky finger, before finally opening her mouth. She tongues that tip in a nice swirling motion, before slowly easing those inches deeper and deeper down her throat. When Molly doesn’t have a real-life cock handy, she gladly grabs something from her arsenal of fuck toys and has no problem using it anytime, anywhere. She even has a dildo she wears, so watch out, sissy boys, because this little Molly Jane will strap one on and give a serious peg job.
Doğum Tarihi: Oct 09, 1993
Doğum Yeri: Austin, Texas, United States of America
Ülke: United States
cup-size: A
Yükseklik: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Ağırlık: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Göz Rengi: Kahverengi
Saç Rengi: Siyah
Etnik: Beyaz